Randys Mobile RV Repair - Recreational Vehicle Repair
   1. last roof you will ever need. Bedliner durability
   2. You don't have to worry about a hail storm
   3. If you ever damage it you can repair ONLY the damaged section
   4. You can power-wash the roof with any soap , it wont hurt it
   5. All the screws on the roof are sprayed over. No exposed screws no leaks
   6 .Helps reduce ore eliminate Black Streaks on RV sides
   7 .Because most of the UV rays are deflected cools inside of coach significantly
   8. No caulking vents, antenna, satellite, front and back seams are eliminated
   9. Increases value of coach
:SCORPION is a company that makes pick-up bedliner that can be used for multiple applications. The material is an excellent replacement for factory rubber membranes that are used on most RV's. Rubber has a limited shelf life {10-12 years app.}. A lot of RV manufacturers use OSB board for the roofing structure. OSB with waterbased adhesive under the rubber  will not always adhere properly. That is why you will occasionally meet an RV on the highway with a large inflated bubble in the front. Also you have to be careful what you wash the roof with as the rubber is sensitive to harsh chemicals.   Hail storms are another enemy of Rubber Roofs. Especially with age the rubber gets thinner .  If you are going to keep your  RV for a long time or your roof has been damaged , SCORPION is your answer.                                               
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